A blog in- yellow…

I often heard talks – that I firmly refused to digest – about “seeking” your internal calling, “investing your best efforts” in finding it!! I always thought there was a tiny paradox there. What was ”a calling” by definition? A passion which eventually led to a vocation , for the most part of it! Was passion to be sought? Was it to be discovered? Wasn’t it one of those overpowering innate sensations that laid right in front of you (if not literally blinded you and forbade you from acknowledging anything else) all along the way?

I no longer put my thoughts down on paper.… It is the age of digitization, and I initially found myself bound to go with the flow…  bound to Tweet, acquire Facebook Fans, take part in virtual events, post online blogs, set Google alerts, implement RSS Feeds… Never in my life, would I have identified this as my calling… My calling, traditionally would have been a paper, a pen, a melody, a tree and a thought (the truth is it kind of secretly still is) , then a career stemming out of it all and a million dollars to follow perhaps-but digitization has somehow grown on me.

Digitization, I used to believe, would kidnap my inspiration. The world of the Online would smash my creativity. I used to think a calling is my own right and my property as an individual, and giving a toss about having the online community read my writings, rate them, like or dislike them would be plainly juvenile (no offense).

I stand corrected. (good for me, isn’t it?)  A calling, as I would define it today,  is  – yes-  an individual urge to follow your instincts and do what you want to be doing for “YOU” , as an individual –  BUT realizing (and hoping) it will contribute to the betterment of your society, may it be off- or on-line!!  It is not born the day you are born, it is developed and nurtured, with time and effort.

The constant urge to satisfy a loyal database of online users has not eaten my heart out (as I thought it would)- on the contrary, it has pushed me to give more and expect less in return (and that is when great things happen). Everyone who knows me, does definitely know, I’m not usually very fond of “change” ( hey, it can be worse). Well, I am happy to announce I am a work in progress (finally)- I am here and I am blogging – if Penelope Trunk can do it, I most definitely can and want to!

We’re all yellow here …. Sunshine, ray of lights, joy, peace of mind, clarity, wisdom, bananas, and of course, Chris Martin!!! Welcome to my blog!


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