A better tomorrow starts with a better you & me

It’s been a rough couple of years for businesses and individuals across the world alike, except Lebanon maybe: you see, we always fancied things differently over here – I just read an article in “The National” this morning about the property boom in Lebanon – while real estate in the Middle East is still enduring the dark post effects of the worldwide economic crisis!!

Ouch! “Worldwide economic crisis” has gotten a bit too infuriating now, hasn’t it? Those endless newspaper / magazine features and online blogs /opinions about the banking industry still suffering, unemployment rates still surging, and individual motivation still taking a dip. Enough already!

I was taking a quiet stroll last night and I pondered:  What contribution can I make to help soothe the “suffering” of the world which has kindly embraced me all of my life? (call me romantic, but it’s true, I do get these thoughts sometimes!) Can this doom and gloom possibly be what we are destined for as individuals, societies, countries and a whole world- on the long run?

This is it,the lineage is right here, I thought:  it starts with individuals who –united- create a society, then societies which – united- create a country, and then countries – which united- create the world, “our world”.

Wow, a quite simple equation, I figured: “The betterment of the world then starts with the betterment of oneself”, meaning yourself and myself, as sole individuals. I thus pledged to invest in the “better” human being in me a bit more on daily basis as of this morning.

– I will continue to pursue my calling: I build on my previous post here because I’ve simply been there and done that. I sought a job I loved, a job I am passionate about! I have come to realize that you can’t aim for a better you (then a better world) while you’re investing your time and energy in a job you are not passionate about- regardless of how agreeable/ disagreeable you boss/ employer is! If matters are getting ugly, LEAVE (yes, you’ve heard correctly). I am not implying you should drop it all and make an exit before figuring out what it is that you want to be doing with your life. Just be more proactive and assertive about it, and DON’T get cold feet – I have moved from customer service to editing and never looked back!! I now am fully convinced it is never too late to re-start from scratch! Want to be your own boss? Start-up a company (Not a piece of cake obviously, but I now know from a very talented, passionate and persistent designer friend of mine that it is absolutely doable) – and hey,  should things get bad, you can always blog about it!! Investing my time and energy in the right place= a better me!

– I will allot more time to read:  not about “worldwide economic crisis”, about topics of interest to me as an individual. I cannot stress enough on the importance of reading for the simple pleasure of it- The post effect is always rewarding. I am very much into French poetry- Baudelaire’s “Fleurs du Mal” never ceases to transport me to a Pandora of my own creation and instantly boosts my spirits. I will engage in more enjoyable reads. Positivity is key here. Positivity leads to productivity. Productivity = a better me!

– I will stay true to my beliefs:  I support a green environment; I will thus invest in learning to bike.  I support healthy eating habits; I will thus invest in buying organic fruits and vegetables. I support freedom of speech; I will thus invest my time and efforts in developing this blog… Actions speak louder than words and standing up for what I believe in = a better me!

That was a productive 30 minute stroll really. More strolls (and thoughts) are to follow: You’ve got to love Lebanon this time of year- For now, I’m resolved to focus on the above. I will measure success rate in a month or two and revert back to you with results!!

In the meantime, what do you think would make you a better person??


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