Robin of the hoods

Boy am I glad I didn’t miss out on “Robin Hood”!!! The worldwide debate regarding the script and the re-invention of the legend was fierce, but truth be told, nothing compares to “Russell Crowe” on the big screen. You may argue that he is obnoxious in person and has serious attitude issues (we still recall his 2008 infinitesimal misadventure with the paparazzi), you may argue that he is taciturn and aloof (he’s not socially active and is rarely present at A-list events- which by the way, I like!)- but one can definitely not argue his genuine talent. Crowe is effortlessly gifted. He is one of those actors whose presence on screen instantly hypnotizes the audience (when I think hypnosis, I think Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson, Kevin Spacey, Sean Penn, Dustin Hoffman and the likes..)

He just wears his roles so well and sucks you into his character completely. I can swiftly recall him as a crazy romantic (in “breaking up” back in 1997), an unbeatable hero (in “Gladiator”), a witty negotiator (in “proof of life”), a besieged yet brilliant mathematician (in “a beautiful mind”), a triumphant British captain (in “The Master and Commander”), a re-invented boxing champ (in “Cinderella Man”), a stupendous detective in (“The American Gangster”), an upright CIA representative (in “Body of lies”), a brazen newspaper reporter (in “State of mind”) and last – but not least- a legendary yet humble archer , also renowned as Robin of the hoods.. The lights are shed on a different side of Robin’s personality in the 2010 version (following Kevin Costner’s 1991 “Prince of thieves”): fragility, affection, rightness, timid drollness and leadership – the perfect example of what Robin Sharma would refer to as a “leader who had no title”.

In the peculiar world of glamorous Hollywood smiles, flamboyant Jimmy Choo stilettos and dashing Zegna tuxedos, I would like to vote for Crowe today as an unswerving acting leader with no title. I am of course aware of the fact that he has already won an Oscar topped with another 29 awards, but he is nevertheless so accomplished in silence, a holistic combination many Hollywood rising divas and hunks today are lacking! Robert Pattinson, watch and learn!!!


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