Success Story?

The notion of success has traveled across the world and back, in different shapes, contexts and scenarios. This notion has long encompassed quite a bit of controversy. What is success? How is it measured? What is the secret and “guaranteed” recipe to get to it?

Books have been written, videos have been recorded, seminars have been held to identify what exactly success is, to determine what components founded this phenomenon. I have been mulling over this for the past week or so and have developed what I would like to believe is the simplest equation of success (in my mind): No, not fame or money. Yes, they could lead to success but it wouldn’t be the kind of success that lasts you a life time for money and fame come and go. One’s true, genuine and everlasting success is actually derived from those tiny and often overlooked details, I believe.

I have discovered this week that “Success” to me lies first and foremost in:

  • My ability to maintain solid family ties and building healthy friendships that last for a lifetime.
  • Identifying my passion, determining to pursue it and not shying away from investing my best efforts into it (again, expecting nothing in return and that is when greatness happens).
  • My ability to tell myself before anyone else that I am content and at peace with myself and my accomplishments, regardless of the profits I make and the reputation I build.
  • Realizing I will eventually lie on my death bed knowing I have done what I so wanted to do, I have loved and been loved in return, I have pursued a career not a job, I have been kind to myself and to others, I have made a better person of me and therefore participated in the betterment of our world. Whether money and fame will follow, I will not pretend I know jut yet (but hey, one’s got to hope!).

I have just received my daily inspiration from Neale Donald Walsch and it wears this topic perfectly: “On this day of your life, Mona, I believe God wants you to know that if you are willing, God is ready. Here’s what willingness looks like: first, you have to be open. Then, you have to be ready. Finally, you have to be determined and committed to action. Anyone else reading this right now might wonder what’s even being discussed, but you are not wondering. You know exactly what the situation is that we’re talking about here…”

I do know indeed… and I am willing… are you? What would the definition of success be in your dictionary?


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