She hurries towards her room, sits herself down facing the mirror and vows to not move before figuring out what exactly has happened to the long-standing look on her face. There’s something different about her expressions obviously- everyone is pointing this fact out at every single occasion (positively for a change) – they’re still the same, but yet they are different – What is it exactly, she couldn’t tell. She has not resorted to Botox, plastic surgery or any holistic beauty practices to make herself look any younger, any fresher, or any more desirable- As a matter of fact, she very much fancies the lines drawn along her forehead, mouth, neck, etc… She has witnessed their birth (almost 5 years back) and has become accustomed to greeting them every morning- noon and night- like newborns, they have grown at the blink of an eye- but she doesn’t really mind- they’re proof of her hoary existence on earth, in that town , in that room – facing her mirror.

What is it then- she strives to think- that has changed? Or that has triggered this change? Is it something about her nose? Has it grown a little bigger because of the pounds she shed last month due to her extensive oriental dance schedule? Or maybe her front teeth? (the obnoxious dentist did warn her the result of not removing her wisdom teeth would be a permanent “teeth congestion”- seriously, he did use that term– but why remove perfectly healthy teeth? Why forbid them the pleasure of savoring her mom’s exquisite chicken soup, the block’s café’s delectable blueberry muffins? And who was she to make such a thick-skinned decision?)

Wrinkles? No-  Nose? No- Teeth? No- Eyes? EYES! The harder she tries to focus on her look in the mirror, the easier it is for her eyes to involuntarily drag her to the field outside- Here he is, scribbling at sunset from her front porch (he’s been doing this daily- for the past month or so, her mother thinks letting artists into their summer  haven would spiritually enrich the atmosphere)- she was right- He not only brought a new zest to their haven but a genuine radiance into what she’s long been referring to as her  dormant heart- that’s it: the eyes- the heart is smitten and thus the eyes can’t veil it!


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