On a side note…

2010 has kicked off on a rather edgy note for him; truth be told, it was with his absolute consent that he has immersed into this long lost, yet unforgotten matter of the heart, his heart to be more precise… a juvenile heart that has never stopped clandestinely beating for her.

A decade of events, of acquaintances, of education and experiences… a decade of anything and everything that could cross one’s mind… a decade was observably not sufficient to dismiss the infamous reflection of her heavenly face – continuously haunting his every night and day …

He speculates on the reasons that united their paths once again. Forces of nature/ Karma (as little as he knows about it)? God’s will? Fate? Genuine Love? In any case, at this point, it no longer makes sense to both his heart and mind to forgo his emotions – yet once again: these emotions have stood strong against the test of time, they have proved to be powerful, pure and beautiful, beyond every possible belief. They have earned the right to be acknowledged, respected. They have earned the right to live and to breathe throughout a whole decade. He stands tall and refuses to yield to the intolerant and unjust boundaries of their society and religion today. He refuses to be one of the unfortunates who dare not stand up for what is theirs: these emotions are solely his and he shall fight for them, should he spot a possibility of longevity ahead.

It is now crystal clear, quite ironic really: while the world is madly spinning around- with such remarkable, yet alarming flexibility- making introductions of all crazy means of technology, virtual systems and co,…. there still does not seem to be a “slightest” worldwide human will to get a bit more lenient, to open up to love and be loved in return- regardless of religion, race, and social status quo- romantically speaking / or not.

He will not be a bystander- he will not be the socially manipulated marionette this time for December 2010 has brought him back to life. December 2010 has given him back his inspiration; it has made him a poet… again…a whole decade later. She is, incontestably, his every December still, and he is simply not shunning away this time.

As heavy as his heart was, pondering these thoughts, as overflowing as it was with faith and hopefulness of a picture perfect, flawless world. He shall fiercely fight for them this time, should she wish for them to live to tell the tale… maybe a decade later?!


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