Re: Side Note

Will she have the audacity to bluntly make space for him in her journal again? A decade of both their lives have flew them by- and yet, here they were- once again- and once again, she made herself beautiful – for him, once again, she put on her favorite cologne – for him, once again, she pulled her hair up – that usual messy up-do of hers that always left him mesmerized and longing to brush his elbow accidentally against her curls as she stood close.

This encounter has sturdily pulled her out of her 30 year old systematic  “lifeless“ lifestyle and threw her back into the colorfulness, enchantment and wholesomeness of her 20 year old bubble! 10 years- he has transcended into a finer, well grounded gentleman, yet he has kept his boyish charm- she has memorized his features by heart-  what a relief it is for her to realize she has excelled at her mission- memorizing every single detail of his every move , of his every feature pays off today- sitting across him in their favorite café sipping green tea and sharing their favorite crème brulée (Time gracefully stops for her while everyone else wrestles against it), the sight of him brings comfort to her eyes and warmth to her heart- it all still is so familiar- he has not given in to the morbid virtual world she so despises- he does not carry on him an i-phone,  a blackberry- a digital diary- all he carries is 1)a pen (Oh what a gifted poet he always was) and 2)her heart at the palm of his hand still, or so it seems-  sigh of relief (mixed with a sting of alarm really)!

Tossing and turning  in bed at night- she pulls out her journal again-“ oh journal dearest, how patient and generous have you been, offering me your naked fragile pages to feed them with my perplexed emotions- crazy or still – oh dear journal, dear friend, dear secret keeper- what a crazy beautiful afternoon I witnessed…“STOP!!  She does not let her finger tips –as eager as they are to keep on doodling about that rainy afternoon on more than a decade of pages- shed more light on the much cherished coincidence of them both being in the exact same spot at the exact same time- 10 years later. Serendipity? Definitely/Maybe?!

She thus keeps it short and simple and decides to take pleasure in experiencing the joyfulness that his presence has brought to her heart for Christmas… She does, secretly, think of him as an early Christmas present – and Oh, how fond of Christmas presents she usually is… She wouldn’t possibly dare wish for more!


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