My first wrinkle saw light last night. It now is proudly (and quite visibly) to be found just below my left eyebrow. To my surprise, far from being devastated (or disheartened), I found myself unintentionally embracing this- soon to become-“permanent” guest of (what I would like to refer to as) my Pandora- with much vigor and serenity. I’ve got to acknowledge I have aged healthily, contentedly and humbly thus far, and that’s a whole lot to be thankful for. Besides, wrinkles remain, at the end of the day, a sign of wisdom in development (aren’t they now!?)

Time has at last determined to unveil its perpetual existence in my life, an existence which is fortuitously accompanied by a perpetual youth in my heart (or so I would like to believe)… So, wrinkle wrinkle little star… while I willingly live and love what you are…


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