Movie Review: Eat, Pray, Love

In a plethora of natural disasters, economic downturns, elevated divorce rates and more elevated unemployment rates, shows up the always so delightful Julia Roberts (yet sadly) in one of her least delightful appearances.

What was exactly the point of the torturous 2.5 hour long movie which shed excessive light on the vitality of living for one’s wellbeing first, I am not quite sure: she ate (plenty of Spaghetti), discovered “faith” in the time of need (don’t we all?!), and loved (or broke hearts- whichever you want to call it) until she finally  discovered her happiest self in Bali! With Javier Bardem (and isn’t that the dream of every woman on earth today?)

What stunned me most is how smoothly she pulled herself out of an 8-year marriage and determined to go on a year sabbatical and tour the globe on a self discovery mission. Call me traditional but I do not consider leaving a marriage behind, getting into a brisk intense relationship (even if it were with James Franco) and then flying out to Italy followed by India and Bali “self discovery”, it’s rather “narcissism”, the love of the I- kindly add to that the fact that it is nearly impossible for any of us, modest citizens of the world, to disconnect  for an entire year, and live leisurely on love, yoga, wine and Spaghetti (well, unless we’re Julia Roberts or the rather unlucky movie  producer – Brad Pitt that is) due to all the practical limitations the economy and society imply on both men and women today (amongst many other things).

I have not read the book so I am not one to judge Ms. Gilbert’s writing or her personal choices but I can undoubtedly say I am one (of many) disappointed spectators . The lone thing that I have deduced at the treasured end of the overdosed session of dullness (and handsome-ness, I must add) is that one should not make lifetime commitments (may it be marriage or else) before discovering “oneself”!  Engaging in a long term relationship  (with a partner/ a job/ a fitness club) merely suggests you’re in it for the good and the bad (I am not implying until death do you two apart, but why not if you can stand in love for as long as it is doable- Thank you Fromm).

Well, I just packed my bags and am now on the quest for “self discovery” – en route to Chtaura (oh, who needs you Bardem!)


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