Fee Amal…

I’m all for aging gracefully, embracing hormonal transformations, changing (rather declining) metabolism and all… But the truth is as we move forward, the baggage naturally gets heavier, not necessarily ours as light spirited individuals but those that our age endows us… Vagabonding the world in the simplest, blithest form (am thinking late teens to early twenties here) becomes quite tricky as we embark on the trip of “adulthood” – which encompasses paving a way to a successful career, making decent money, owning property, setting up a business and at a (much) later stage, possibly building a home for 2, 3 or 4 (or not/ whichever way you like it). Something to ponder on now, isn’t it?

A wonderful mentor of mine once asked me if I had witnessed a day, regardless of my location or the weather, where the sun refrained from rising- and my answer (clearly) was NO! That’s the whole point right here, I guess:  the sun will keep on rising every single morning- how shiny its glare will be may vary from one season to another… but it will rise, and so will we, with age. We live, we adapt,  we learn to “want” what we have and be thankful for it..we shine (to varying extents)… The timeless Fairuz in her breathtakingly beautiful new album sings: Eh, Fee Amal (= yes, there is hope).. call me a dreamer but I would like to think there really is…

P.S: Picture (Sunrise- The Cedars- Lebanon) courtesy of the utterly talented Ezzidin Alwan.


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