Mono- tasker here

I’ve been away for quite a bit and am thankful for the many (2 actually) messages I have received from readers threatening to go on virtual strike if we don’t make an immediate comeback. Well, I have been a super productive bee all month and – to tell you the truth, this power of multi-tasking does not work for me. I think it’s a myth. I am a mono tasker, and I only believe in mono- tasking. One task at a time that is, checklist yes- multi task no! and it works well for me every single time, I think mono-tasking not only increases productivity but boosts focus and ensures a task well done! (ask Massimo Dutti if you don’t believe me- I focused solely on my winter shopping spree for 2 days in a row, and let me tell you, I did a wonderful job!).

To be honest, this is not a blog  post (bummer, I know)- but an update. I’ve been thinking about what this blog is about, where it is going, how it can become of more relevance to both my real and imaginary readers. You see, this blog has received its first “constructive” criticism (yey!) about a fortnight back – a very dear friend of mine is not yet “touched” by the yellow blog’s content and is not fully able to relate to it or dissect the feelings/ opinions of the writer behind it (me, that is).

The truth is, I like “open air” blogs- ones that leave space for readers to ponder , ask questions, analyze, find answers then take action (or not)- I do tend to impose myself in certain instances (sorry Julia Roberts, I love you regardless), and in some other instances… I just ponder …so I am now off for some mono-tasking (obviously) and much needed pondering…. But I will be back (sooner than you know it) so stay tuned!


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