Case in Point

No intros this morning- in 2011, it’s all about cutting the (cough goes here) and getting straight to the point, and here is the case in point: I will NOT make any resolutions this year, none will be plugged into my diary and hastily walked over every night as I insert my daily recap – I’ve decided I am all over resolutions and will Not feel bad about it. I am coming to terms with the fact that I am entitled to having no annual SMART Objectives if I wish to, and I honestly think I do owe it to myself. The only thing I wish to do is sit back, observe the world accomplish (or not) its own resolutions while I take joy in doing relatively small (or bigger) deeds that make me jolly.  In other words, I would like to treat myself to a year of well being and peace of mind (or so I say this morning- and what a calm and chilly morning in Shtoura it is- exactly where I want to be right now. While Shtoura’s green fields are long gone and 2010 has officially transformed it into a hub to more buildings, less parking spots and more buildings, I am still not one to judge as long as I am getting my Sunday morning me- time in my favorite spot of land).

So, back to the case in point: How feasible would it really be to bid planning goodbye in 2011? (I would honestly be lying if I said I haven’t already run a quick 2010 recap in my head- talk about change resistance). Well, either way, here’s a list of the most common- and potentially unsuccessful- resolutions for you. But I’m nice, and you’re here, so here’s a good link for you – Happy 2011!


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