Responsible Wardrobes

The talk of town has been about eco-friendliness for quite a while and consumers seem to finally be opening up to new lines of fashion (which are not brands just YET) in an attempt to help preserve the environment and make the world (and husbands) happier, and banks a tad more alarmed!

I’ve seen a couple of initiatives online (Mashable always gets the best of them)- Yoxi got me all excited- it’s of the most recent platforms that are promoting sustainability by shedding light on the fashion industry waste and the absolute necessity to start trimming it  ( i.e.: via cutting on excessive packaging, carbon emissions, etc..) to help save our environment (well, the rest of it) . They’ve got a video competition going on right now to see WHO manages to best relay their message to the public – quite cool. you can visit to check out the videos and vote for your best team.

My fav video is forevermore !


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