Project Management

I am a problem- solver, I have been wholeheartedly putting puzzles together all my life, just not mine. Other people’s, I am so good at it, but less good at making my own. Let me rephrase that as I don’t really like referring to challenging happenings in my one’s life as “puzzles”, rather projects, so yes I am a project manager. You hand me a project, I run a SWOT analysis, come back to you with suggestions and then walk you through the contingency plan that works best for you.

It’s not easy to apply the same to myself though.  It also is not easy to be essayed, time and over again, and in matters of the heart, minds are unconsciously shut off, which makes it all a tad more complicated. Change is not exactly a best friend of Virgos (or any other earth sign if Susan Miller is not a fad). We like, we love, we stand in love…and then,  (not so) suddenly, at a certain point in time, our feet (and forces of nature) insist we take a seat and buckle up. Unfair? yes! Doable? At this stage of my career, it’s all a bit blurry, i gotta say, but i will keep you lawful imaginary readers of this blog posted (I promise).


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