Mashing it up

I just came across this quite interesting post from Mashable. The fact that keeping a job search hush hush (while on the job) is – to 30% of working professionals surveyed- trickier than keeping an office romance hush hush amuses me. I mean , Really?!? I can not determine whether I am pro or against office romance.

Let’s try to assess this objectively. How often does an office romance occur? Vault’s 2011 office relationships survey  shows that 59% of working professionals have/ are engaged in an office romance. The question here would be why? and I will state the obvious: prolonged working hours, easy access, less effort to impress (yes , that too!), and pursuit of “Le Grand Amour” anywhere, no matter what, always and forever (Julia Roberts went all the way to Bali and found it, didn’t she?!)

Do working professionals avoid office romance if it gets in the way of their career? Vault’s 2011 office relationships survey shows that 60% don’t choose to put their career first (which again reiterates the fact that everybody in the universe is constantly on the pursuit of the one and only true love- sigh).

Does an office romance impact one’s personal or professional relationships with other coworkers? Not to 70% of working professionals polled by Vault, all of which leads to one conclusion really. What working professionals fear is management, which raises the issue of transparency and policies.  Some companies impose a “Fraternization” policy in an attempt to ban office relationships and the headache all together, while others offer “Employee Assistance Plans” which cover all or part of the cost for employees to receive counseling, referrals, and advice in dealing with stressful issues in their lives (i.e. office romance breakup?)

I, for one, vote for less drama, and thus would put career first (if I ever had to). I am almost positive Penelope Trunk would disagree- she left everything for the farmer, and a year later, she ‘s tempted to file for domestic violence, but she doesn’t. she loves her farmer. she loves love.


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