American Loving

I’m a Simon Cowell girl all the way (gross? but true!!), but I’ve got to give American Idol’s judges some credit this year. I am compelled to pay tribute to this harmony they display on the big screen, and the sense of responsibility they commit to. 2012 is definitely going to be one of American Idol’s Golden seasons..for many years to come. The combination of multitalented contestants on board this year is just mind-blowing (as Steve Tyler clearly had excellent judgment from day 1).

The Top 8 episode (80s night) aired last night, and I’ve got to say there is some fierce competition going on there! Those aspiring performers rocked the stage and I’ve quite frankly been tortured a little all season, as 5 of the Top 8 contestants have won my heart from the beginning, and I just can’t get myself to cheer FULLY for ONLY one- just yet! In order of preference though (that’s as close as it gets), I thought I’d share this week’s performances here – Happy Weekend!

Phillip Phillips

Elise Testone 

Joshua Ledet 

Colton Dixon

Jessica Sanchez 


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3 responses to “American Loving

  • Cynthia

    What a great pick Moon! Amazing performances!

  • Gerard

    Maybe I’m being hasty here, but Jessica Sanchez was my early favourite from the start of the live shows. She’s got amazing vocals and even in her less solid performances (like this week), she’s stlll an incredible singer.

    Have you got a favourite to win this year?

  • monakaraoui

    @cyn,glad u like it 🙂
    @Gerard- i agree, jessica has got the vocals. I’m more fond of Elise though, her raspy voice has a bit of Jazz, a bit of soul, a bit of rock in it. She can be adele one minute, mick jagger the other. I love her. Philip also is something else. He can pull off absolutely any song thats thrown his way. Everything about him is so unique,he sticks to his individuality and i honestly love his spirit. i never get enough of hearing him sing 🙂

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