A lot like love

She’s recently been finding herself quite unable to comprehend “love”. Throughout the years, she’s come to realize it does entail much more than supersized butterflies in her stomach and bittersweet tingles at her fingertips. She’s come to realize love is actually quite demanding, and a constant attention-seeker, smartly pushing  all her senses towards relentlessly being at its command:  chemistry, passion, desire, familiarity, affection, patience, forgiveness, logic, awareness, acceptance, inner peace, conviction, beliefs, amongst many others of course.
So this decade, she’s set one resolution, a single resolution: to uncomplicate the complicated: fresh air, light moves, happy food, and simplified feelings..is what she’s opting for as of this year. A lot like love, a bit of butterflies here, a bit of tingles there.. the utter beauty of the simplest things.

Photograph courtesy of Viola’ 


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