Times change. People change. Feelings change. Not for better or worse, they simply change. What our destination is and how we are getting there, only we can determine.

Nothing is imposed on us. Nothing is a must. We are responsible for our own actions. We are accountable for our own choices. We make our own decisions. Whether this is a birth given right or not, only we can determine.

What are beliefs are, and how we go about them is strictly up to us. No societal boundaries or religious restrictions get to deflate our aspirations or constrain our voices, unless we determine otherwise.

We each represent our own person, our one mind, our one body, our one spirit- with no strings attached, no peer pressure, no emotional brouhahas, unless we determine otherwise.

How we choose to live our life, where we choose to live it and doing what, is completely and utterly our call. We have no limitations, unless we determine otherwise.

It’s one earth life to be relished, and then one story to be told. We might as well be the story tellers who share it best, our very own version of events.


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