Wish upon a Leaf

There’s this thing about walking the streets of London. They speak to you, and you listen, willingly. You see, London’s streets emit such a startling sense of soulfulness that just keeps you hungered for more. November is definitely one of my favorite months to roam around the city, I have a thing for autumn leaves (and Clayderman plays it best) , and as  they were gracing each and every corner of London last week, my heart stretched a little. Thanks to my lover Instagram, I managed to capture few of many precious sights that reiterate the beauty of small things.










Notting Hill’s Autumn Leaves of Gold










… and Red.. (do you see that 4- wheel bicycle lodged under the magic autumn tree?)










Just a phone call away- at the Senate House, the home of the University of London…










Every leaf is a flower- at 74 Queens Gate …










Orange leaves fluttering from HydePark’s autumn trees…










A carousel of autumn wishes-  at the Natural History Museum










My very own pot of autumn sunshine – courtesy of my super creative Sally Sarieddine – the beauty of small details symbolizing the harmony between different colors, shapes and patterns somehow portrays a little bit of a perfect Lebanon embedded in a little bit of a perfect London- a Lebanon that does not mull over religion, background, status quo, a London that loves all and that is loved by all (HydePark lovers assure that when you wish upon a leaf, good things happen). LalaQueen makes things happen, because she’s got a big heart, you see, a heart that carries her from Lebanon to London, to the top of the world.


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