You own his heart

“Anything could happen; take a step back and stand still for things to take their natural course. Take the bystander position, and let your life take its course. Do not interfere with whatever the universe is planning out for you. Trust that everything will be alright and it will be.”409448_10152420633145601_1055826654_n

But how? How is it possible for me to stifle this feeling of fear invading my heart? How can I go about my day knowing only he owns my heart, while all I own of him, at the moment, is yet again a fading memory of an embrace?

“Your heart was gifted to you so that you can gift it to others. It will wander around many places before it finds its comfort in the right place at the right time. Let it be, leave it. Fear not that it will be broken. It shall heal when the time is right, it has in the past and it will continue to in the future. What you own of him is what you decide you want to own. If the memory of an embrace does not suffice you, then you might want to choose not to own it. The question however is: Do you want more?”

I do, I want more, I want more warmth, I also want more of his skin and more of his mind melting into mine. I want more of him and more of the “me” that only his presence ignites in me. Yes, I do, I want more.

“Fear will not bring you more. Be open and receptive to the world around you. Be willing to accept things as they come. Don’t fight to make things happen, want them to happen, believe that you can make them happen, and then you will see. They will, without you having to fight. Open your eyes and your heart. Your fear has misled you. You do own his heart. I saw it in his eyes that night. You own his existence. Love him, fear not, give your heart to him, and allow for the warmth you’ve long been longing for to surround you.. for as long as it’s meant to.”


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