Min Beirut ma3 7obb..

Gramercy (aka Grand Merci) is what filled my heart throughout the entire year. The list is long, but I have restricted myself to 31 small things (and counting) that I am thankful for on this beautiful morning:

1. My parents who are just about to celebrate their 36th anniversary but still are, on daily basis, giggly teenagers in love at heart- and my siblings who are absolutely cray cray, and never fail to keep me “entertained”.

2. Arabic (funny enough, this blog post is in English), that is so dear to my heart and that has re-emerged across the globe this year. Check out job posts from major social media and online platforms who’ve been hunting for native Arabic speakers all year if you need proof. Hooray!

3. Darwish: I wanted to place this under Arabic, but no. Mahmoud Darwish stands apart, for he is the Father of Arabic and the absolute Master of Arabic poetry, incontestably.

4. Strawberry swings that were spread across Dubai this year – and that swang me some happiness with some of my favorite faces.

5. Instagram, because happiness can now be captured and documented, and Instagram does it all for my pleasure. Yey.

6. Acceptance of loss, for I’ve lost a beautiful friend and soul this year, and a little something that looked a lot like love, and I’ve learnt to accept loss and make peace with it.

7. Librairie Antoine, for it hasn’t once failed to help me immerse in “fresh from the oven” books, or find friends’ recommendations – I saw Ramallah and Koolaids were my top reads of the year.

8. Massaad, for it has brought a bit of Bekaa to Dubai, and my love for Tawook sandwiches with super powers has greatly intensified.

9. Eleftiriades, for he has brought Akhawein Shehade to my turf twice a month.

10. Old Dubai, for its love for art and culture got me to fall more in love with it.


11. Kite beach, for I was looking for freedom in Dubai, and its sunshine helped me find it.

12. Roberto’s, for it has redefined my passion for italian pizza and lemon tarts, and has changed my Thursday nights for a long time to come.

13. Sense of hearing words, lyrics, music, and voices of people I love.

14. Skype (it’s a crappy connection with Beirut), for it makes sure I dont forget features of those faces.

15. Qalami, for I can finally have a little bit of me in a little bit of corporate.

16. Qalbi al Sagheer, for it has grown a little bigger this year.

17. My job, for it has allowed me to add value to lives of young leaders and build precious and genuine friendships, and has also prompted me to appreciate all of Mama’s homemade food (green peas included- thanks Abella).

18. Beirut, for it has endured more bloodshed and violence this year, but still is standing tall regardless.

19. Great Gatsby, for “old sport” has reminded me that I like large parties. They’re so intimate. In small parties, there is no privacy.

20. Viola, for she reads my mind, then draws my thoughts into beautiful illustrations that I can freely use.

21. My hairdresser (who has survived Ashrafieh’s bombing this year), for he gets me with his eyes closed.

22. asos.com, for it never fails to save the day.

23. Florence&the machine, for happiness hit me like a train on a track when I saw her jumping up that stage, and then when I finally found the song’s true calling at Al Barari.

24. Al Khareef street, for my Tecom/Greens squad can’t get any cooler or more kind-hearted.

25. Tawlet Ammiq– the simplest pleasures of life? I had to look no further!

26. Marion, for she finally has a name, and she finally made a choice to be happy.

27. Maturity, with the sense of responsibility and inner peace it came with.

28. Flipboard, for it has kept me updated around the clock, wherever, whenever.

29. Fairuz, for she remains the best morning companion ever.

30. Beautiful faces of so many friends that I’ve made and so many friends that I’ve kept, who all make me jolly.

31.This blog, for it’s turned 3 this year and you guys are still here and still reading, thank you… Min Beirut ma3 7obb…


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