A Florentine Sunset

I’ve known Rima for a long time, and if I say she’s a fighter, it’s because she really is… but she stands out for she fights for love, and positivity and goodness… as a simple and genuine giver of her time, and effort, and happiness…. as one of those faces that just grow on you, very subtly, while vigorously radiating warmth and kindness.












My friend, the fighter, and her Mr. Big (yes, he does exist in a truer version of Sex and the City) tied the knot last week… and got me (and a couple of hundreds of friends and family) to fall for love, once again, at their enchanted Florentine wedding, as our hearts melted around sunset.












Being part of such a real and heartwarming celebration of love was definitely the highlight of my summer (thank you newlyweds!)… and I couldn’t possibly be more excited!! Rima’s pushed this blog forward since day 1, and here’s an official shout out to the loyal reader, beautiful friend, and lovable person that she continues to be!



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6 responses to “A Florentine Sunset

  • Racha

    Mabrouk to our gorgeous Rima again and thank you to our marvelous Moon who always finds just the right compassionate words and fascinating ways to express it …

  • Jojo

    I cannot describe my feelings all over that Florentine week…. There was love all over the place, happy people, but most of all true friends and loving families…. It was a true celebration of love, life and happiness…. Thank you Rima and Seif for sharing it with us….. Xxx

  • Rima Serhan

    Mona Karaoui my talented gifted friend you made me cry, blessed to have you in my life with your remarkable gift of verbalizing feelings, thoughts, experiences and so much more that I can not describe, I am truly thankful for you, simply you never stop writing please… Thank you thank you thank you mwa…
    Racha, thank you so much….
    Jojo, my beautiful friend me and seif are so lucky to share our celebration of love with you….

    Love you kisssses

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