She gave herself a whole day to go mad, and shout, and cry her eyes out. October was undeniably daunting (for all astrological signs alike as Susan Miller assures), and funnily enough, the harder she tried to keep it together, the harder she seemed to collapse.

She dropped her five acts of kindness for the day, and determined to channel the entire energy that her body contained on hating on men, the consideration they lacked, the words they oppressed, the emotions they eradicated right from the center of her heart!


For once, she felt totally exposed. She could actually feel emotional nudity leaving its marks on her wary mind and heart, for the first time, in a very long time.

How could a heart so small give away emotions so large?

For once, she chose to confess and take a stand for what her heart wanted, for what her heart expected of her, but she could barely keep up. Engulfed with sudden emptiness on the inside, she wanted to give it her best shot.

She tried.

One massive confession followed by one massive wave of silence. One massive wave of silence followed by one massive counter- confession.

She tried to hate on men, but couldn’t.

She couldn’t hate to start with (which made it all so complicated), and then she couldn’t also hate on men (speaking of kindness..)

She tried.

But men are men. And women are women.

Women share burgers. Men keep it all for their own.


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