Adieu October!

Truth be told, October and I still had our good moments.

Facts below – November, be good! (pretty please)












Life gets brighter when good friends decide to move from London to town!











Good company could easily turn a casual night out to a fest of hysterical laughter.













Being home just in time for your Mama’s exquisite Kaek el Eid does matter!













Do Not read while on a plane, unless you know it’s a happy read (Note to self really)













Being beautifully dressed does make a girl feel beautiful (thank you deebydalia)













Believe it or not, Dubai houses the region’s largest Middle Eastern Art library -at Meem Gallery.

(The “Watan” artwork above belongs to the talented Syrian artist Mounir el Shaarani who was taking part in “Art Syria” exhibition)













When Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, a random disco girl and a punk biker cross ways at a large party, they successfully boo at halloweeners (and at you too October!)

And speaking of Halloween, I came across this Ted talk last night and found it quite interesting – what we can learn from bats and their superpowers – Happy watching!


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