On Kindness

I just read in the Gulf News that the Dubai Creek, also known as Khor Dubai, is nominated for UNESCO’s List for World Heritage Sites, meaning a designated area of it could become protected by UNESCO and no construction would be allowed to take place in that area.

I am now brimming with excitement; it is true that the nature and architecture of Old Dubai have very well preserved a feel of realness over time, but what I am actually fond of, having visited that side of Dubai more than once, is the fact that its residents of all backgrounds and nationalities have clung onto candid kindness- which I found to be quite contagious.


My favored corner of Dubai Creek is Al Bastakiya. I discovered it over a year ago as I attempted to find my way to Sikka Art Fair in Bur Dubai. Traditional houses- turned museums and art galleries, it is where soul takes a breather, and mind comes to rest; a haven in the city but away from the city (no gigantic skyscrapers for you here).

The annual Sikka Art Fair includes English and Arabic poetry reading, music performances, local and international movie screenings, and a wealth of paintings and drawings. The next one’s coming up in March 2014 so stay tuned! Meanwhile, let’s keep our fingers crossed for Dubai Creek! Thank you UNESCO!


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