The Palate Cleanser

Because this blog is a sucker for foodies , and lovers of love (oh, love), I had to share this beautifully written piece as soon as I received it, and as I received it, from an inspiring pastry chef in the making this morning. You see, she’s not only a foodie too, and a lover of love, but is also a humble student and a big-hearted aficionada of a chef. Her chef is like no other… Please read below – (P.S: unedited for the love of trueness)

“Over the last year, I’ve taken it upon myself to email a couple of chefs I would have liked to work with. Some I did not get a reply back from, and some told me I did not qualify because I didn’t have any experience in the kitchen or didn’t attend a professional culinary school. This was a real slap in the face. I had to find my way into the kitchen. So three months ago, I walked into one of Dubai’s most happening kitchens to meet the head chef and do a test lunch service where I gave my absolute best, given the circumstances. I kicked ass! And I attribute all of this to watching cooking shows for hours, reading cook books and chef biographies religiously, but most recently watching my chef; his outlook on life, his ambition at work and his love for food and the kitchen, as well as actively having him teach me things – which can be intimidating! After all, he’s been doing this for years, he’s a professional! But he’s the best teacher to have – he knows what’s up. And he’s not afraid to help me. And even better, I am not afraid to ask him.


Initially, it took a certain amount of patience to get used to his type of lifestyle and to take myself out of my comfort zone – something that I’m still actively working on. The hours and days that I get with my chef, what seem like short spans in time where we’re not working, are some of the happiest and most flavourful moments of my current life. His passion, creativity, ambition and drive are all traits I admire about him and he brings all of these things to the table outside of the kitchen. A true test of an individual with years of experience behind him. The things we do for each never feel like a sacrifice or compromise, we are absolutely happy to do them for each other. We both have to be equally passionate about making our relationship work, sometimes because of factors that we brought into the relationship that were not in our hands, or else it just wouldn’t. And we’re both equally passionate to make our careers work and support each other inevitably. We’re not physically together as much as we would like to be so we don’t take each other for granted, and the time we spend together, even if it’s just an evening of sushi takeout on the couch watching Blazing Saddles, is what makes it all worthwhile. It’s a cleansed palate, a changed perspective. Right now I’m still trying to master walking next to him harmoniously and keep up with him, after all he is a chef (and a New Yorker), but I think he’s meeting me half way. Patiently, but surely.

Here’s to my new palate.

From a pastry chef in the making…”


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