Fruit Roll-Ups

Following my short but sweet love affair with Italy earlier last month, I was on quite a high. I came back to Dubai flooded with inspiration. Everything seemed rosy, bright and heart-shaped (naturally) to me, and so when I communicated with Grazia Middle East and was informed that I would be featured in their new “style hunter” section (because- surprise- they liked my style), I was ecstatic.

I hadn’t really been exposed to the alluphotoring world of fashion so intrepidly just yet, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. I had of course, shamelessly spent endless days and nights, devouring pages of InStyle and Glamour magazines growing up, and I’ve had my share of splurges, but I do not recall ever having been so enchanted by the simplest feel of charm, a feel I was immediately greeted with, the minute I set foot at the magazine’s offices (this is no Devil wears Prada talk!).

Forget designer clothes, bags and stilettos (try hard)- it was the people, their flares, their walks, their “hello-es”, their overall effortless demeanors that seemed so enticing to me, having just spent an entire day in my closet (literally), trying to select outfits suitable for the occasion.

I was amazed at how excited I was, and then as I shyly tried to pose for the camera, all my excitement suddenly materialized: no matter how grounded of an individual I am, no matter how many literature books I read, or anti-capitalism movements I root for, there is something so enthralling about beauty that the mere woman in me – and in every woman– can’t not acknowledge: a beauty that is growing on us as we grow wiser, and more confident of our bodies and our perfect imperfections.

So here’s to the vain, the intellectual, the dancer, the reader, the adventurous, the foodie, the athletic, the style rebel. Here’s to all the women – in the beautiful women that we are (Hello, Mahmoud Darwish!)
Here’s to many more one minutes of fame, and not minutes but lifetimes of light, serenity, and fruit roll- ups!


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