When Al Quoz happens

When Al Quoz happened over the weekend, my heart stretched a little. It usually does, on several occasions, one of which is when Dubai manages to successfully bring together art and culture. Over 32 outlets around Al Quoz took part in the second edition of “Quoz happens“, and I happened to be one amongst many overjoyed  Dubai lovers eager to discover, dissect, and discuss  works of art pertaining to a bouquet of emerging and well established artists from the Middle East region and beyond.

I got to spend my morning at Al Serkal Avenue (and I heard some pretty good stuff was also going on at the Courtyard– including some wonderful live painting from the talented  Lama Khatib DanielCapsule Arts, and theJamJar amongst others). What I was mostly drawn to during my chilly Saturday morning stroll at Al Serkal Avenue was the following:

Salsali Private Museum‘s “Cinema” exhibition showcased Egyptian Movie Posters that took me back in time to an era where genuine talent (alone) in the Arab world entertainment industry did count- Let’s all hail for Soad Hosny, the Cinderella of the silver screen- on this occasion.

photo (8)


Lebanese artist Nadim Karam‘s “99 Objects Possible to Find on a Cloud” exhibition at Ayyam Gallery – which brought together emblems of war and peace throughout some seriously whimsical bodies of work, sculptures and paintings. I especially liked his very peculiar “Walking Cloud” which emerged from a collection of  mother of pearl buttons and white feather. I walked along, naturally.

photo (7)

Lammtara Studio: The creative think-house behind the epic Emirati animated series “Freej” is the perfect example of an enlightening homely workspace with a twist of Arabesque charm. I heart!


Two giant chalkboards were placed at different corners of Al Serkal Avenue, where visitors could scribble down their answers to “What does Dubai inspire you to do?” and finish the sentence “by 2020, I want to…” Statements ranged from quite witty (by 2020, I would want my back hair to be on my bold head), to ambitious (by 2020, I want to be raising awareness re-fitness in the UAE), to absolutely heart-warming (by 2020, I want to be a mommy). By 2020, what do you want to be doing?



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