Dear Santa

I’ve been virtually tuning in to the Lebanese Radio station “Light FM” every morning from Dubai for the past four years (that’s the beauty of the Online sphere), so I’m quite used to my morning routine: grabbing virtual breakfast with Tanguy, and genuinely sympathizing with frustrated Lebanese callers complaining about the unbearable traffic on their way to work, all whilst enjoying some of my favorite classic music tracks and indulging in fresh acoustic versions of new hits (that’s what makes Light FM really cool: its love for acoustic).

photo (9)

But Santa, dear Santa, my absolute favorite time of the year to tune in to “Light FM” is December. The whole morning show dynamics change considerably: suddenly, Tanguy is “overly” en bonne humeur (not that he usually isn’t), callers are less frustrated (although traffic is still crazy), citizens are turning a blind eye to the bad and taking note of the good only, political and religious debates are (almost) non existent, and the sole talk of town is Christmas trees, dinners and presents. Suddenly, Wham’s “Last Christmas” is played six times a day on average, and six times a day on average, I find myself wishing I was happily stuck in Beirut’s traffic – rather than in a virtual Chrome tab.

Santa, dear Santa,

This morning, I could almost see life in Beirut bleeping in lights of green, white and red.

I could almost see it peaceful in anticipation of the winter glut of Kodak moments.

I could almost see it smiling…for you are coming to town.

You know I’ve been a (pretty) good girl all year, and if I could make one wish only this Christmas, it would be for you to reside in our Lebanese homes and streets, and on our local radios, TVs and blogs indefinitely…

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