Today is an Arabic Web Day

Today is a very special day for me. Today, the whole world celebrates Arabic Language. Google launched a massive initiative in the MENA region this time of year last year, in collaboration with Wamda, Yamli, Taghreedat, Ted (and some more giant online platforms) under the name of “Arabic Web Days“, aimed at boosting the creation of digital content in Arabic and developing a more vibrant Arabic Web. A year later, I, for one, am very thankful, for Arabic is not only my mother tongue language, but the mother of all languages, and although it is currently the fastest growing language on the internet (the use of Arabic on the Internet has grown by over 2500% in the past 10 years) , actual online arabic “content” is still really scarce (around 3% only as per Google research study). Below is a short video produced by the Arabic Web Days team, highlighting why “in Arabic, everything is more beautiful”.

كل يوم ولغتي الأم أحلى… بالعربي كل شيء أحلى


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