Say a little prayer for me

I am not one to complain, but when twice in one week, different populated areas in your country are brutally bombed and innocent citizens are wrongly killed, you naturally expect stricter security measures to be put in place, at the airport, per say, simply to ensure better protection of loyal, yet terrified, citizens.

A street Graffiti of Ali, as remembered by Bliss street - courtesy of Cocarocha

(street Graffiti of Ali, as remembered by Bliss street –  courtesy of Cocarocha)

I walked into Rafic Hariri International Airport this afternoon, and as the machine gently beeped at me while I was waltzing through checkpoint, nobody raised an eyebrow.

I naively approached the gentleman asking if he would like for me to proceed to security check- and “iza beddik (if you wish)” was his answer – still not raising an eyebrow.

I did wish to indeed, simply because as frustrated (and disappointed) as I was throughout the past couple of weeks, I was still on the premises of my home country, and hence the duty of being a responsible Lebanese citizen was still bestowed upon me.

So I walked myself steadfastly to the lady at security check, and as I attempted to take off my jacket,  she gave me a very serious look, and said without the blink of an eye: “No Madame, I do not want to run a security check on anyone today. Have a safe flight!” (Great, thanks!)

And so a safe flight it shall be, from a clearly safe enough Lebanese airport back to my slightly safer little life in Dubai. Say a little prayer for me!


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