Take 1

I willingly took an oath last month– to be kinder to my body, not because I want to lose weight, or hit the catwalk (I ain’t giving you up fruit roll-ups), but simply because I have come to the conclusion that if I want to be kinder to others, I need to be kind to myself first; inundate my mind with enriching reads, an untamed voice, and a wide imagination, while doing my body justice (and I have honestly been taking it for granted, not purposely, for the past few years).

photo courtesy of my LaLaQueen

morning motivational note – courtesy of my LaLaQueen

So last night, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and officially signed up for the challenge. I feel now is a good time to incorporate a reasonable amount of time in my daily routine for my physical wellness, and between my super athletic entourage, my positively tough trainer, and the extra effort, I think I could actually do this. Take No 1 was not a piece of cake naturally, as I had to drag myself out of bed this morning, but you know what? This feels good. This is happening.

Update in 4 weeks – Stay tuned! Meanwhile, Nike‘s “Rise and Shine” video sums it all up (thanks Rima):


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