Happiness 101

I signed up for the #100happydays challenge 8 days ago, and for 8 days, I’ve been acknowledging then documenting little pleasures that put a smile on my face. So far we’ve got (amongst others): a walk in the park, a compliment to a stranger, a quote that makes sense, good company, warm feet in the cold, midnight green tea, love me like XO. At a time when so much focus and pressure are placed on work and social responsibilities, we somehow tend to lose sight of simple yet precious things that matter. 71% of participants in the #100happydays initiative actually failed to complete the challenge due to lack of time. I root for making time for happiness. Broadcaster Charlie Bird did, and look at how amazing and magical that was! This video is definitely (the beginning of) my Day no 8 – #day8 #100happydays! #92togo #happiness101


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