Roller Coasters

Virgos by nature live in their own minds. We over-analyze. We dramatize (occasionally). We have our guards up at all times, to ensure our comfort zone is intact, and is fully and exclusively ours. We strive to cling onto an independent routine, and when we feel the need to withdraw into ourselves, we panic. We fear that sudden change could curb our creativity or tame our imagination, the bread and butter of our everyday.

Basma Masri captures happiness at Safa Park

(Basma Masri captures happiness at Safa Park)

But then every once in a while, comes a pleasant wind of change, one that takes us by surprise, a different kind of surprise- a “gentle nudge” that feels good, one that sits us back, puts our racing thoughts at ease, and preps us for the no ordinary thrill of a subtle roller coaster ride around planet Earth and beyond (they do exist), one step at a time.

“Today, this day was a brimming cup.
Today, this day was the immense wave.
Today, it was all the earth.” – Pablo Neruda

Here’s to unexpected surprises, February is looking good. (No Valentine’s mushiness intended)


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One response to “Roller Coasters

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    […] Mr. Love proposed. He swayed my way like a beautiful tango by the sea. I had been adjourning that moment in my mind- I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know when the “right” time would come. I might have been expecting a poke from the Internet of All Things confirming that the time was right, or a blog post from Susan Miller urging all 32-year old Virgos to get hitched. […]

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