Making sense

The ability that the heart has to re-tune and start afresh bewilders me. It could be a persistent craving for the extraordinary sensation of loving and being loved… Or, more reasonably, it could simply be that the heart can tell, when it’s about to get engulfed with goodness and warmth-two of the most vital and complementary components of any relationship if you ask me (non- romantic ones included)- and somehow gather its guts and excitement to restart from scratch.

-photo courtesy of Vanina - #sayitdifferent-

-photo courtesy of Vanina – #sayitdifferent-

I read an article last night about love not being expendable, and another one about seeking meaningfulness rather than happiness in life. For a second there, I thought the two articles should have been merged into one “The expandable non-expendable”, because my conclusion remained the same:

1. Goodness coupled with warmth stretch the heart a little.

2. When the heart’s expanded just enough, love gets into the equation (hence the non-expendability of love).

3. Expandable non-expendable weirdly makes sense.

4. Making sense makes me happy.


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