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Sam Smith was the biggest winner at the Grammys this year, taking home four awards earlier this month, and John Legend is, well, a living legend. While their music genres may slightly differ, their ultimate faith in one love- that of the world- is the same. And what I really like about these two is how they put it all in action, and collaborated (without breaking the internet) in an attempt to give back some of the goodness they’ve been blessed with this year.

- global citizens -

– global citizens –












By far, my favorite collaboration of the year for #RedNoseDay!



A radical notion

I think all of me just fell a little more in love with all of John Legend.

Turns out he not only sings love, he commits to love.

His Commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania few days ago was phenomenal – Highlights below.

“The reason I’m here, the reason I’ve had such a wonderful journey so far, is that I’ve found love. Yes, love. We were all made to love. And I’ve found that we live our best lives, we are at our most successful, not simply because we’re smarter than everyone else, or because we hustle harder. Not because we become millionaires more quickly. The key to success, the key to happiness, is opening your mind and your heart to love. Spending your time doing things you love and with people you love.

“And it turns out that love requires that level of commitment from you. Half-doing it is not doing it right. You have to go all in. And yes, your personal relationships require that too.”

“I’ve already talked about the power of love in your work and your personal lives. But I also want to talk about how love changes the world. There are 7 billion other people out there. 7 billion strangers. I want you to consider what it means to love them too. What does it mean to love people we don’t know, to see the value in every single person’s life? Think about that. It’s a pretty radical notion. It means your daughter or son, your neighbor’s daughter or son and the daughters and sons of people who live thousands of miles away, all deserve the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It means we let go of fear and see each other’s humanity. It means we don’t see Trayvon Martin as a walking stereotype, a weaponized human. We see him as a boy who deserves the chance to grow into a man, even if he makes boyish mistakes along the way. It means American lives don’t count more than Iraqi lives. It means we see a young Palestinian kid not as a future security threat or demographic challenge, but as a future father, mother and lover. It means that the nearly 300 kidnapped girls in Nigeria aren’t just their problem. They’re “our” girls too. It’s actually quite a challenge to love humankind in this way.”

“If you’re committed to loving in public, it requires you opening your eyes to injustice, to see the world through the eyes of another. This is not a passive activity. You have to read. You have to travel to other neighborhoods, other parts of the world. You may have to get your hands dirty. You have to allow people to love you, and you have to love them back.”

John loves love. I too do.

She loved the sea

A classmate shared this video few days back and I’ve been meaning to post it on the blog.

The power of words when coupled with strong visuals is mind-blowing.

Gemma brings back the character of her grandmother to life so beautifully, in less than 3 minutes, using a simple and moving descriptive technique.

I know I’m getting a bit “technical” this month, but all for a good cause.

Bear with me while I get through this journey.

But this video’s a must- watch, for real. Thanks Praxia!


Coldplay just released a new single from their upcoming “Ghost Stories” album, scheduled to go live in May, and this makes it to the blog because these guys have entranced me with their tunes and lyrics for as long as I can remember.

I grew up with them.

They’ve witnessed school agony, heartbreak, college thrill, literary revolution, job torture, relocation, career change.

They’ve seen it all and they were a constant in the background regardless.

And that is (partly) how I developed this solid sense of belonging to one of the most intangible, yet moving arts of all.

Because fifteen years later,  its presence in my life remains unchanged.

Because fifteen years later,  it still speaks my language.

I am calling this magic, I am calling it true.  #day34

The Conditioned

My good friend Facebook launched its “Facebook stories” initiative back in 2010, but I hadn’t really had the chance to explore published individual stories until very recently (and am I glad I did!). This morning, I dove into stories from all around the planet, of love, reunion, family ties, education, and vocation amongst others. My favorite however was the story of a homeless poet who was “found” vagabonding the streets of Sao Paulo last year (which very much reminded me of Bliss Street’s Ali – except nobody did truly find him). Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho was saved by a woman, but more precisely he was saved by social media, and next thing you know, he has over 39000 likes on his Facebook page, the Hugffington post picks up his story, and the man’s actually got a chance to get the words he’s been writing for over 35 years heard, and to actually start afresh and earn a decent living.

That is what social media’s all really about.

Take initiative. Speak up. Make things better.

Here’s to the hundreds of thousands of Alis and Raimundos, and their potential saviors, but mostly here’s hoping social media platforms are more often put into good use!

My day? MADE! (Thanks Mark!)