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A Comeback Letter

I make a shy comeback on the blog this morning.

It’s been almost two years. Too much has happened.

I’ve developed an undying affection for Lady Gaga (now always a star in my eyes), I’ve written my first book in Arabic AND for children (can’t get any better), I freelance on full-time basis now (I know, right?), and the most magical thing of all? Almost 1.5 years ago (around the same time I went MIA on the blog), Mr. Love and I were blessed with the most squishable and vibrant little energy ball. Everything I love about Mr. Love, and few things I don’t dislike about myself either, she’s an amalgam of warmth, but saying she’s been keeping me on my toes would be an understatement.

-Zaha in a Bekai field, August 2018-

Life has become, no matter how prepared I thought I was, chaotic. All this talk about making her part of our lives, and carrying on as carefree as I would have liked us to be, turned out to be nonsense. She became LIFE, as simple as that really. And then over a year later, having given her time, love, space to grow, I see in front of me a confident independent (except at bedtime naturally) kind little human, and my heart explodes every single day.

I would like to believe I did a pretty good job, Mr. Love too. He’s been a true rock throughout this whole parenthood journey, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Right now, I want it to bring more squeezing, more winter (Hey Dubai), and surely more writing. I’ve missed you.

Today is an Arabic Web Day

Today is a very special day for me. Today, the whole world celebrates Arabic Language. Google launched a massive initiative in the MENA region this time of year last year, in collaboration with Wamda, Yamli, Taghreedat, Ted (and some more giant online platforms) under the name of “Arabic Web Days“, aimed at boosting the creation of digital content in Arabic and developing a more vibrant Arabic Web. A year later, I, for one, am very thankful, for Arabic is not only my mother tongue language, but the mother of all languages, and although it is currently the fastest growing language on the internet (the use of Arabic on the Internet has grown by over 2500% in the past 10 years) , actual online arabic “content” is still really scarce (around 3% only as per Google research study). Below is a short video produced by the Arabic Web Days team, highlighting why “in Arabic, everything is more beautiful”.

كل يوم ولغتي الأم أحلى… بالعربي كل شيء أحلى


Some people are blessed to have this one person in their lives, a person they enjoy getting bored with, a person they can silently sit next to, and be at ease, for they get them inside out, without having to say a word. Because I am one of those blessed ones, and because my person is not only a beautiful mother and friend, but also a spiritual mentor, an aspiring actress, a lover of Arabic herself, and my very own dandan, this is a little something for her. She brightens up my everyday!


(excuse the handwriting)

Fruit Roll-Ups

Following my short but sweet love affair with Italy earlier last month, I was on quite a high. I came back to Dubai flooded with inspiration. Everything seemed rosy, bright and heart-shaped (naturally) to me, and so when I communicated with Grazia Middle East and was informed that I would be featured in their new “style hunter” section (because- surprise- they liked my style), I was ecstatic.

I hadn’t really been exposed to the alluphotoring world of fashion so intrepidly just yet, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. I had of course, shamelessly spent endless days and nights, devouring pages of InStyle and Glamour magazines growing up, and I’ve had my share of splurges, but I do not recall ever having been so enchanted by the simplest feel of charm, a feel I was immediately greeted with, the minute I set foot at the magazine’s offices (this is no Devil wears Prada talk!).

Forget designer clothes, bags and stilettos (try hard)- it was the people, their flares, their walks, their “hello-es”, their overall effortless demeanors that seemed so enticing to me, having just spent an entire day in my closet (literally), trying to select outfits suitable for the occasion.

I was amazed at how excited I was, and then as I shyly tried to pose for the camera, all my excitement suddenly materialized: no matter how grounded of an individual I am, no matter how many literature books I read, or anti-capitalism movements I root for, there is something so enthralling about beauty that the mere woman in me – and in every woman– can’t not acknowledge: a beauty that is growing on us as we grow wiser, and more confident of our bodies and our perfect imperfections.

So here’s to the vain, the intellectual, the dancer, the reader, the adventurous, the foodie, the athletic, the style rebel. Here’s to all the women – in the beautiful women that we are (Hello, Mahmoud Darwish!)
Here’s to many more one minutes of fame, and not minutes but lifetimes of light, serenity, and fruit roll- ups!

On Kindness

I just read in the Gulf News that the Dubai Creek, also known as Khor Dubai, is nominated for UNESCO’s List for World Heritage Sites, meaning a designated area of it could become protected by UNESCO and no construction would be allowed to take place in that area.

I am now brimming with excitement; it is true that the nature and architecture of Old Dubai have very well preserved a feel of realness over time, but what I am actually fond of, having visited that side of Dubai more than once, is the fact that its residents of all backgrounds and nationalities have clung onto candid kindness- which I found to be quite contagious.


My favored corner of Dubai Creek is Al Bastakiya. I discovered it over a year ago as I attempted to find my way to Sikka Art Fair in Bur Dubai. Traditional houses- turned museums and art galleries, it is where soul takes a breather, and mind comes to rest; a haven in the city but away from the city (no gigantic skyscrapers for you here).

The annual Sikka Art Fair includes English and Arabic poetry reading, music performances, local and international movie screenings, and a wealth of paintings and drawings. The next one’s coming up in March 2014 so stay tuned! Meanwhile, let’s keep our fingers crossed for Dubai Creek! Thank you UNESCO!