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The Conditioned

My good friend Facebook launched its “Facebook stories” initiative back in 2010, but I hadn’t really had the chance to explore published individual stories until very recently (and am I glad I did!). This morning, I dove into stories from all around the planet, of love, reunion, family ties, education, and vocation amongst others. My favorite however was the story of a homeless poet who was “found” vagabonding the streets of Sao Paulo last year (which very much reminded me of Bliss Street’s Ali – except nobody did truly find him). Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho was saved by a woman, but more precisely he was saved by social media, and next thing you know, he has over 39000 likes on his Facebook page, the Hugffington post picks up his story, and the man’s actually got a chance to get the words he’s been writing for over 35 years heard, and to actually start afresh and earn a decent living.

That is what social media’s all really about.

Take initiative. Speak up. Make things better.

Here’s to the hundreds of thousands of Alis and Raimundos, and their potential saviors, but mostly here’s hoping social media platforms are more often put into good use!

My day? MADE! (Thanks Mark!)