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Mona Karaoui – A diary in Peru – Travel Junkie DiaryTravel Junkie Diary

“…Peru is a wake-up call, a reminder of “real” things that matter, of the beauty of a universe that we should strive to preserve. No matter what you expect, Peru will give you more: more nature, more beauty, more art, more food, but mostly more modesty, more simplicity, more love and more goodness.”

Mona Karaoui – A diary in Peru

Source: Mona Karaoui – A diary in Peru – Travel Junkie DiaryTravel Junkie Diary



Falling out of love is an alien concept to me. You don’t just accidentally get drained. You don’t unwillingly just fall out of love. “Falling” out of love requires a tremendous effort from you and a tremendous effort from your partner too, exactly like (not falling, but) standing in love. And that’s the difference right there. When you love, gradually and genuinely, you need not fall. You walk, slowly but steadily, until you meet halfway, and then you stand, together -in love, through thick and thin, through storms and rainbows, because you willingly choose to commit to each other, not bound by religion, not bound by society, but bound only by the simple yet steel-solid bond that has brought you two together; a bond you’ve long taken the time and will to nurture with compassion and respect and trust and admiration. You don’t just find yourself tired. You don’t just happen to assume the bystander position.photo

You fight with patience and assertiveness for your other because you have chosen longevity. And with longevity, comes the test of time, for love has its ups and downs, just like nature has its springs and falls. And this, now, is your fall, but your spring is just around the corner. You can see it if you choose to. Choose to see longevity. Choose to see love. Choose to see spring.