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On Family

I’ve been having micro-nightmares, possibly implied by all things scary haunting the media on regular basis. Aging frightens me. Not my own aging, but my parents’. Having lived in a different country for the past 11 years, means that- in spite of all my efforts to be as present as I can- I am not by their side everyday. Surely technology is helping, but is not enough. Neither are the 30 days off I get per year (Thank God for the public sector).

- at the Soap House - #AFFOB

– at the Soap House – #AFFOB

As hard as I try to brush the thought of it off my mind, and as true and realistic as I am, aging still frightens me. I know it’s the drill, and the cycle of life (and all that jazz), but these parents made me, and my siblings. Their love created me, and then nurtured me into becoming the person I am today. And as I woke up this morning with these deliberations in my head, I thought of the struggle I’ve been witnessing in the media, of refugees sharing their stories (Humans of New York ‘s Brandon Stanton depicts it best). As difficult as getting misplaced and humiliated is, their biggest ache always comes from losing family, and their biggest relief and hope, despite it all, is having managed to keep their family close.

I am grateful today, for having had my family near (far, but near), and having had the blessing to be raised amongst them, and my hope for me and Mr. Love, for our generation and generations to follow is to be able to give life and love to our children amongst our families, in a kinder and safer world.


Adieu October!

Truth be told, October and I still had our good moments.

Facts below – November, be good! (pretty please)












Life gets brighter when good friends decide to move from London to town!











Good company could easily turn a casual night out to a fest of hysterical laughter.













Being home just in time for your Mama’s exquisite Kaek el Eid does matter!













Do Not read while on a plane, unless you know it’s a happy read (Note to self really)













Being beautifully dressed does make a girl feel beautiful (thank you deebydalia)













Believe it or not, Dubai houses the region’s largest Middle Eastern Art library -at Meem Gallery.

(The “Watan” artwork above belongs to the talented Syrian artist Mounir el Shaarani who was taking part in “Art Syria” exhibition)













When Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, a random disco girl and a punk biker cross ways at a large party, they successfully boo at halloweeners (and at you too October!)

And speaking of Halloween, I came across this Ted talk last night and found it quite interesting – what we can learn from bats and their superpowers – Happy watching!