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A Digital Breakup

My Digital heart wept a little this morning, as I tweeted my last nuviun tweet, and sent my last nuviun email to my incredibly inspirational Senior Editor. Breaking up is always hard, and digital breakups have just proved to be the hardest. For over a year, this homegrown concept with great minds literally dominated my life (my life here being iMac, iPad, and iPhone all combined), and although our breakup is very friendly and due to very valid personal and professional reasons, there’s no escaping this harsh void that breakups of all kinds leave behind.

-photo courtesy of doors lover Danak-

-photo courtesy of doors lover Danak-

Long before love in the time of digital, I remember people breaking up with lovers or employers or clients face-to-face, and that would it be it! “Hello, I can do this no more. Goodbye. Door slam”. This, today, is not emotionally or technically possible. You breakup but you easily get stuck! The Internet of all things can make it almost impossible for you to move on. A tweet here, an Instagram post there, a Facebook like on a friend of a friend’s page. The haunting, hence the heartache, can be endless.

But the bright case in point this morning, which eases the heaviness of my (non-digital) heart, is that I can still endeavor to make it all work in my favor, thus I am gladly (and officially) stalking my nuviun digital health veterans as of today. Even better, I’ve just subscribed to a nuviunite digital health community member account of my own, so that I can savour the digital health experience through the eyes of the consumer for real this time. A major digital shoutout to my favored go-to source for all things innovation, health, wellness (and passion and entrepreneurship at their finest). On your mark, get set, and go (stalk them immediately). You’ll never look back, I promise!

This blog post was originally published on nuviun.com and was reprinted with permission.


Take 1

I willingly took an oath last month– to be kinder to my body, not because I want to lose weight, or hit the catwalk (I ain’t giving you up fruit roll-ups), but simply because I have come to the conclusion that if I want to be kinder to others, I need to be kind to myself first; inundate my mind with enriching reads, an untamed voice, and a wide imagination, while doing my body justice (and I have honestly been taking it for granted, not purposely, for the past few years).

photo courtesy of my LaLaQueen

morning motivational note – courtesy of my LaLaQueen

So last night, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and officially signed up for the challenge. I feel now is a good time to incorporate a reasonable amount of time in my daily routine for my physical wellness, and between my super athletic entourage, my positively tough trainer, and the extra effort, I think I could actually do this. Take No 1 was not a piece of cake naturally, as I had to drag myself out of bed this morning, but you know what? This feels good. This is happening.

Update in 4 weeks – Stay tuned! Meanwhile, Nike‘s “Rise and Shine” video sums it all up (thanks Rima):